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And don’t even call the police today ’cause I’m gonna come up there unexpected and wait on your motherfuckin’ ass bitch…”, TV I’m coming up there and I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you, bitch. Michelle Rennex, The Wild Story Behind The Infamous ‘This Is For Rachel’ Voicemail Meme, ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Recap: Sorry Raven, But We Have A New Supreme Symone Now, Here Are All The Best Reactions To Donald Trump Getting Permanently Suspended From Twitter, Bridgerton’s Most Controversial Scene Showcases The Series’ Mishandling Of Consent And Race, Rest In Peace To These TV Shows That Were Axed in 2020, Everyone On TikTok Hates Matthew Morrison From ‘Glee’ With Their Whole Soul, We Ranked Every Pixar Movie Mum Who Has An Absolute Dump Truck Ass. In this family photo, members of Rachel Shenk’s family hike up from the village of Tramelan. Not Now. Amazon. Rest In Peace To These TV Shows That Were Axed in 2020 "This is for Rachel" refers to a voicemail message left by social media user Jasmine Collins for her former manager, the aforementioned Rachel, that went viral on Twitterand has since gone on to be a series of trending videos on TikTok. I never got a chance to go back up there,” Jasmine said. Jen Picciano Cleveland 19. As Bachelor Nation will recall, Peter was the runner-up on Rachel's season of The Bachelorette back in 2017. One fan was lucky enough to get a voicemail back from Jasmine, who told the caller to “don’t play on her motherfucking phone, bitch.”, BEFORE THAT SHE SENT ME THIS VOICEMAIL TOO SKAJJWOANWJNWNSD by After going viral in 2018, the voicemail meme slowly fizzled out until the message started trending again on TikTok. by Journalist. It looks like Jennifer Aniston wasn’t the first celebrity to rock “the Rachel” haircut. News Personality. No she didn't stab Rachel seventeen times, but she did end up getting Rachel's job. Maddow, 35, has become such a cable-news fixture that it's a little hard … See more of Rachel Vadaj on Facebook. Visit the MSNBC Rachel Maddow Blog for more news with updated blog posts and video daily. powered by Microsoft News. Jared Richards, Politics by Merryana Salem, TV Now that we know that Jasmine didn’t stab Rachel, and that Rachel was allegedly racist, people have not held back in making more “This Is For Rachel” memes. Everyone On TikTok Hates Matthew Morrison From ‘Glee’ With Their Whole Soul It’s been a MYSTERY for months now about who left that crazy, disrespectful, HILARIOUS voicemail cursing out their manager and now we’ve found the culprit. A post shared by The Real JasmineMFCollins (@jasminemfcollins) on Jan 7, 2020 at 10:24pm PST. Please click the “Report” button below if the video on this page is not working properly. So much so, her rant has been spread millions of times around the internet. ... Scroll for Related News. Journalist. According to Jasmine, in a crazy turn of events Rachel allegedly lost her job and Jasmine was promoted to replaced her. We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Source: Chonticha Vatpongpee / EyeEm / Getty. Long story short, she had got fired two days later after I left all them voicemails because he asked her what was going on, so Heather was able to back me up,” Jasmine cleared up. Why you took me off the motherfuckin’ schedule with your trifflin’, dirty, white, racist ass, you big, fat bitch? Y’all I just found out that the girl who left a voicemail and said “this is for Rachel you big fat white nasty smellin fat bitch” ACTUALLY FUCKING STABBED RACHEL 17 TIMES AND IS NOW SERVING 25 YRS IN PRISON bro shits crazy fr, — Gavin Baksic (@gavinbaksi) January 1, 2020. That August, Twitter user @freepark_ing uploaded a two-minute long video and wrote: “Wrong number just sent me this… But this is pretty understandable as Jasmine has voiced over Instagram stories that she’s been bombarded with messages that she doesn’t have the time to answer. Kendall Forward. “A whole month later the motherfucking boss from human resources had offered me Rachel’s job. I'm Rachel Rip filling in for Victor Lopez from my Home studio. “I don’t feel bad. by The #ThisIsForRachel trend found new life at the end of 2019, after the original voicemail was mashed up with the instrumental of City Girl’s ‘Act Up’. Jasmine Collin’s voice has been going viral, thanks to users on Twitter, Youtube, and TikTok, for her crazy voicemail to her manager where she threatens to beat her a** for being racist. Forgot account? The Real, Tragic Story Behind That 'Roof Korean' Meme You May Have Seen Do you think she still works there? News Personality. Rachel Maddow discusses with Lawrence O’Donnell the excerpts from a damning new book about Trump written by an anonymous senior Trump official. •HER INSTAGRAM: @jasminemfcollins ****The REAL story behind the “this is for Rachel” Voicemail 😭 ****Rachel was a racist! No she didn't stab Rachel 17 times, but she did end up getting Rachel's job. Here Are All The Best Reactions To Donald Trump Getting Permanently Suspended From Twitter The voicemail pointed out that Rachel had allegedly purposefully removed Jasmine from the schedule because she was black. Kelly Dobeck Meteorologist. While the message was long, the caller identified herself as Jasmine Collins, and accused her manager Rachel of racism.

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