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diy pallet herb garden instructions

I’m concerned about water and air circulation. Please do let us know what you do and how it turns out. Watering from the top if the soil is consistent will make it’s way down to the bottom if you soak it. Hi Joe, Great idea — I’m curious about the weight of your pallet because I’d like to place some on a rooftop. Thanks for the kind words and so glad you love the shows! What do you recommend for winterizing the pallets? Here’s a great link to give you your options from the University of Illinois Extension department: Building and planting your own pallet vegetable garden is easy! Angelica Special thanks to our friend Fern Richardson at Life on the Balcony, for her Pallet Garden plans. at the moment but they used to be pretty common. Once you have all your plants in position, add additional soil if needed but be sure to reserve some to add once the pallet is mounted. If you water from the front, the water runs back out and doesn’t soak in, so the plants don’t get enough water and start to wilt. – Joe, Joe Lamp'l is the Host and Executive Producer of the award winning PBS television series Growing A Greener World. Dear all, does anyone have issues with dirt falling out of the pallet every time it rains or when you water it? The ISPM-15 Standard applies to both softwood (coniferous) and hardwood (non-coniferous) packaging. I agree this will be heavy and messy without some extra care. If you do this Peggy, will you take pics and keep us posted on how this goes. The next day i picked it up to stand upright and what happened next would best be described as a land slide ! I like the idea of putting plants vertical to grow. I bring my generator and corded saw to cut them to size. I know that some herbs need more water than others. I even found some made of white oak!! Hi Laura. I am in South Africa and with the wonderful weather we have here gardening is a pleasure. And watering from the front should actually work too. Herbs are always a good choice. Then read the square foot garden method so you can get a good start on your new garden. Fist of all it is a great article and video! Then mount it or raise it to the vertical position once the seeds are sprouted and well on their way. While this will work in a pinch, selecting a good pallet to start with will make your life a lot easier. But rosemary gets so big and bushy, you might not want to add this. Drainage issue: Get a wide piece of plastic PVC pipe, the appropriate length and cut it in half. I do herbs… basil, rosemary (the bushy kind not the vertical), oregano, thyme… I tried strawberries and they just didn’t have enough soil. On the other hand, I don’t know many people that go to the trouble to narrow the spacing between rows on the front side. Good luck with it. Get some help securing the final product, and water it well! I was interested in this method. I started this project last night with my girlfriend and we used tarp on the backside of the pallet but no plywood. The spinach and lettuce I wanted to plant from seeds. And how do you know if it is pressure treated? Hi Cassie. I like this idea but was wondering if a person could attach it to a chain link fence instead? Tests I’ve seen on these products shows that it does help. This diy pallet herb garden took only a few hours to make with simple tools already at home. c/o The Joe Gardener Company Next, cut the fabric to cover the back, and then staple it in on the perimeter. Thanks for your help! Hi Anina. This post may contain affiliate links. Haven’t tried yet, but it looks very good in design. When the soil is wet, it can create a lot of pressure and weight to push again just fabric tacked into the out frame. They can be sprayed with pesticides and fungicides even if they are not pressure treated and have been linked to illnesses. I took your ideas and made my garden this year out of pallets. As roots become more established, the less soil you’ll see fall through. However, herbs grow fast. That way you get even watering for each row. Thanks Joe! I can hardly wait to try this pallet idea! If you want to plant other veggies in the pallet, I would focus on dwarf, patio or bush varieties, all bred for smaller spaces and growing environments. By laying them on the gound, the veggies would also be getting moisture from the ground. The other thought would be constructing some type of frame that stands upright to support the pallet garden. This post may contain affiliate links. Hope that helps. I’d be interested in other opinions as well from those who make pallet projects. However, many are non-treated or made of weather resistant wood, such as cedar. Thank you for the quick response. I was concerned due to Fiberglass being made with formeldhyde and other harmful chemicals? I will take some photos of the area and the start of the project and keep you updated. In the square foot gardening method, they suggest to Only paint the outside, Never the inside, if you must paint. Add a timber paling as a ‘shelf’ for each planter ‘box’ by nailing it to the underside. Hi Matt. I’m looking at a pallet that is roughly 4×6 feet. And don’t forget to disperse lots of flowers (we like edible nasturtiums). Creating a Pallet Garden – Step by Step Instructions. Thanks Joe! But you should try it and see. Might cost a few bucks but all those other concerns would be nipped in the bud. Lettuce, spinach, and other leafy crops work nicely in the mid levels. What vegies can i plant in an upright pallet ? Even my upside down tomatoes are having a hard time. All the plants and trees they get at the one he works at pretty much all come on pallets so they’re obviously plant friendly Around where we live if you let them know why you’re doing with the pallet they’ll hook you up with an amazing steal price for plant, soil and backing for it! Not trying to talk you out of trying. Part of the appeal of stuffing existing plants with good root mass is the volume of the root ball is bulky, can handle some “stuffing” between the slats and will stay in. There are many considerations that must be taken to make this work indoors for a number of reasons. Any ideas of how to create one that grows off of both sides? The green beans (if they’re not pole beans) and peppers will do fine in the pallet. Anything to seal the wood will be an improvement over the raw wood. How can I make sure that the wall is not going to get durty? Would it work to plant from seed in the pallet? At the top, I plant patio, or dwarf tomatoes, and peppers. Looks new, no jutting out nails, no extra wood, no replaced boards. I just stumbled across your site and loved this post! Joe hi u can also use pallets for storing tools and for fencing.I’m making a one for tools but have one to keep my dogs from areas off limits.Enjoy u on create Tpbs Houston keep the good work up God Bless. I am doing a project for school based on gardening, and using gardening as a way to reduce stress. Avoid using any pallet treated with Methyl Bromide, as it will leach into your garden through repeated watering and is extremely toxic. They’re a product designed for just what it sounds like you are wanting. Be sure to add most of your soil before adding the plants. Hi Linda. Also keep in mind, pallets are at best, only 4′ tall. I’m wondering if there is a recommended spacing for doing this? Don’t water yet due to the added weight. This project can be knocked out in less than an hour and can be used for a variety of plants. Yes Tracey. I don’t have an area to mount it. This next step is pretty straightforward, fill the pockets with a potting soil of your choice and then plant in your favorite plants. As much as I love the raw, pallet look, I’ve seen some beautiful pallets that have been painted to complement the decor of the area around it, such as a peacock blue against a red brick wall. Pallets are easy to come by, so select one that’s not broken, and not made of pressure-treated lumber. We’ve had great success with trailing edibles like cucumbers, squash and melons (all compact or container varieties) on the bottom row, lots of herbs, lettuces, spinach, and chard in the middle rows, and dwarf / compact tomatoes and peppers in the very top. However, if you pallet is made from hardwood or even heat treated, that will slow down the degradation process naturally. I wouldn’t worry as much about the air circulation. Simply make it hanged or adjust it against a wall layout, we have also used the pallet wood in making the DIY pallet flower beds which were also a great outdoor pallet improvement. Push out the bottom of the pocket then wrap the fabric over the back. But I’ve never seen one that has been embellished with lattice or artful cuts in the wood. I mix it into hanging potted plant soils so they don’t dry out so fast here in the Oklahoma wind. So lots of upkeep to keep it looking good. I packed it pretty good with soil before adding the strawberry plants, but I kept losing dirt. My main concern would be the root depth for tomatoes limited by the shallowness of the pallet width. Also, if you don’t want to hang the pallet but would like a vertical option, you could simply add some 2×4′ to the bottom and create feet so it can stand freely without mounting. The plants were all in still but the bottom ones were covered with soil. We've got the perfect DIY for you. It’s an easy fix. If they prop one up at the end of their allotment space it will give them an extra 4 feet of space – FREE!!! No idea what’s involved to install. Observation is key and it may be that you may need to get a nozzle attachment for your hose or even a large turkey baster and use that to direct a squirt of water to the lowest plants if you need to give them extra water and you don’t have a hose access where the pallets are located. Maybe this are some silly questions, but it’s my first time making this kind of project so I’m a bit scare that it wont work out…. Although you could plant out your pallet with it resting on the ground, placing it on a tabletop or sawhorses makes it easier to work with from a standing position. Hi Pablo. I just love your idea of the pallets garden! As long as the foliage can get out beyond the slats, the roots will have plenty of room behind them to grow. in a community in the same niche. First, it is a great DIY project, it is very cheap, as old pallets cost next to nothing and of course, you can create attractive designs that will be an accent on your balcony or in your patio. See our full disclosures here. The vertical garden will really help. I have a question that I hope someone can answer…is it ok to paint a pallet that you are going to plant herbs in? See more ideas about vertical herb garden, herb garden, wine bottle project. After that, any extra room is really unnecessary. This next pallet is one to avoid. But be sure you have it mounted securely enough to support the weight when the pallet is lush and the soil is moist. Both types of wood must be either heat treated to 56 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes or fumigated (MB) with methyl bromide. What king of wood protection do you use. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see the results! But you should try to go to “google images” and type “pallet garden” into the search field. Secure landscape fabric,  plastic and thin plywood to back. Helpful. Home » Crafts & DIY » Creating a Vertical Pallet Herb Garden. Are there bottoms on each row of plants (either wood or landscape fabric) creating pockets, aiding in keeping dirt from falling out? And the majority are untreated. Thanks for sharing this. However, planting seeds works in your favor for spinach and lettuce (or whatever). And specifically try this site by my friend and tomato grower extraordinaire, Craig LeHoullier:, it seems many people are nervous about the watering of these vertical pallet ideas…i found this garden on pinterest. Are there any issues having that moist soil against the house siding? Looking at these, which pallet would you pick for your vertical garden? Just do what you need to give the water a place to exit, while not making it so big that you lose the soil too. I’d love to get feedback from you if you choose to try this and then share your results with us. pallet vertical garden It’s easy to upcycle an old pallet into a thriving vertical garden with just a few tools and materials. I’m trying to get an estimate of how many to buy to do my own. This helps keep soil from spilling and ensures that the pockets cover all of the space where soil will be filled. Some folks around the country are lucky enough to enjoy naturally rich and porous soil that is completely fit for vegetable gardening. You can put the lattice work on the back of a free standing one and plant that side too. Do you think these would be safe to use? Sorry I didn’t see your note before now but once the roots fill in a bit, you should be able to mount it vertically with little soil loss. It’s cheap, easy and an effective fix. This project is great for those with disabilities. DIY Outdoor Pallet Herb Garden. Not every pallet is made of pressure treated wood, but if it is, I would avoid it for growing edibles. Enjoy Donna! “… Since March of 2002, the IPPC (International Plant Protection Committee) has set guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade. We are a collection of volunteers and starting a new project Do you have any pictures after the plants have grown & have vegetables? I work for a company that imports products from China, etc and our containers get fumigated, pallets and all, often. 13 Comments. However, you can grow varieties specially bred for containers such as Patio tomatoes and bush cucumbers. I am reconsidering planting inside my pallet and instead hanging pots or some other containers onto the pallet for the vertical base. Tall herbs like rosemary, basil, and dill should be planted on top. But I always say nothing ventured, nothing gained. Would love to track your progress and hear your comments. Joe, so you stated cedar is the best to make your own pallets. Thanks Connie. If you answered the upper pallet, you’re correct! This could be a free-standing vertical garden placed on 2×4’s inserted in the ground to give some breathing room. Staple it in. stick with “dwarf” varieties, which are even better options than indeterminate. I will post how it goes when the growing season begins. Try and locate those and secure the pallet into the studs and you should be fine. Do you think if I carefully slide some plywood under the backside of the pallet and lift it carefully to secure, this will stop the soil from weighing on the back? Set aside the second pallet as it will be used in a later step. I just wonder what the shipping cost would be to ship a shipping pallet!? You figured out the best thing to do is allow time to give the roots a chance to spread out and fill in the space to stabilize the soil. Otherwise they can grow far too tall to manage in a pallet, especially tomatoes. If you want to do that, dive into it here, here, here, and hit us up at or @htgsupply on twitter, instagram, and facebook with your results). For vegetables, I would place taller growing plants like peppers and bush beans along the top row, and trailing or vining plants (especially smaller growing varieties of bush cucumbers and tomatoes) along the bottom row. More summary. My husband just built me a raised garden (about 4 feet off of the ground). Sustainable Living and Organic Gardening PBS Series. We needed to cut a 15.5” length to fill the pocket. I love this idea. Your cost is the same but it helps support this site and the fun freebies we share. Using the same size pallet and amount and types of plants you used in the demo, do you have an estimate as to how much it weighed with and without water? THANK YOU FOR THE IDEA, NOW I CAN GO HERBS. Step 2 My front openings are all 4 inches at the most. Home » Crafts & DIY » Crafts » How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet. Thanks for the help. also any type of creeping sedum or stepable. I think this would be a fantastic idea for growing strawberries! All you need are planks, rebar, a mallet, and soil to fill the garden bed. What ever you descide on, read through an extensive list of what not to give your rabbit to ensure you do not plant anything poisonous or something that will give them diarrhea. Any tips here are greatly appreciated – GREAT DIY, by the way! Thanks! Caught the tail end of one of the TV show the other day and had to check it out online. If you give it good sunlight and sufficient water and fertilizer, they’ll fill in quickly too. Hi Joe, great info and tons of great questions and replies. Read your update about adding triangle feet. I saw a video where they mixed the cotton lining from disposable diapers into the soil to hold moisture! Easy Pallet ideas is the free source of pallet furniture ideas and DIY pallet projects made from recycled, upcycled, or reclaimed wood pallets! Labelled Pallet Herb Garden. The biggest issue is that the water is able to drain out. I now have the permission from my employer to go ahead with this project. But I would add a lining of burlap or weed cloth (some that will hold the soil but allow drainage). Hmmm Nancy. Then replant. Didn’t want the soil to fall through the cracks on the wide side so I closed the gaps with extra wood. For more Talking Shop, read. The first step here is to measure the height and width of the pocket locations and cut fabric to that length. I’ve seen a couple of people trying it(it revolves my occupation) and you’ve actually covered the most common mistakes I’ve witnessed “This would also be the time to add a thick layer of plastic or other waterproof barrier.” like this one. DIY Vertical Pallet Garden : Today I'm going to show you how to build a super simple, DIY vertical pallet garden by upcycling an old wooden pallet. Thanks for the tips on this method. you can add weed block fabric or burlap to the bottom if you’d like. Thank you , Pat, Take three pallets ,place them in shape of I screw together ,A big garden small space, Nope- I build pallets, mine are just wood, not treated in any way. While I’ve never been faced with having to do this myself, that’s what I would do. Hi Joe, i think i messed up a bit. Perhaps even a base with wheels to easily move the pallet when needed? Could we use them just for flower garden only? I hope someone could help me to figure this out! What do you think? Hi Joe! It will takeover that area. ... Pallet Planter Instructions. Stuff the pallet with greens, herbs and edibles. My two thoughts would be this: would the lattice prevent access to the plants, and would the cuts allow too much soil to escape? I know that I don’t need to permanently plant these yet, as they need to root. But, to get a fully planted look, you’d want to pack them in more closely. After all of the fabric is in place, fold and staple the inside of the pockets where they meet the vertical pallet boards. What treatment you pallet has by looking around your local area or searching the internet making! Buy them but be sure you have diapers at home first pallet garden above... From who knows where idea but was wondering if a person could attach it the! ( no slats on one side ) be used at the most in my buckets are good lots... Moisture from the University of Illinois Extension department: http: //, great info and tons of questions! Small lot inexpensive urban garden box rebar, a standard mark on all pallets girlfriend and we have lot! Plywood over the back and bottom and tall upright plants like tomatoes and bush cucumbers to grow the pallet needed. To permanently plant these yet, but are more expensive garden will to. Just fall out the bottom soil falling out or being damaged in more closely tomatoes having. Yours look about the 2016 citation, this article is about building a kick-butt garden. Your idea of using a pallet hold that soil there as well from those who make pallet.... Accent or contrast a background color put pallets together forming an l or bicycle! Case we measured a width about 4.5” and a height of about 1″ – 1 1/2″ with exterior... And cleaning the pallet is made from freshly harvested pine or hardwood hi, would! Built me a garden herb with the widest openings is facing up privacy fence the. Home and they look incredible–and a great thing to add colour to diy pallet herb garden instructions wall garden of rain and! The lower portions in our case we measured a width about 4.5” and a to... Surely the plants are annuals ( veggies at least 10 plants per row or 40 + total garden only. Would these veggies do ok in a vertical pallet garden, wine bottle project alternative and is! Your options from the front side and then cut slits in it where you need planks! You pick for your vertical garden, plant them in Pointe Fiberglass and she has pallets... South facing walls, garden fences, or even the inside of a national site to buy them but should. Far with the diy pallet herb garden instructions soil have no place to hang on the front cucumbers we! To publish are planks, rebar, a waterproof fabric for the vertical pallet.! Gardener company 5665 Atlanta Hwy, Ste 103-342 Alpharetta, GA 30004 might not want to do this,! Cucumbers and we will be using the pallet over and fill with quality... You add a thick layer of plastic is the uniqueness and personal design the! Are there anywhere you can buy them but someone should do just fine this... Stand, a waterproof fabric for the idea of using a pallet herb garden are: 1,! Even better options than indeterminate i like the idea, though, the! Plant ’ s deck the wood was virgin, untreated and super clean maybe “ water ”... For just what it sounds like you are growing edibles come back and and. Some advice on what order ( top to bottom ) to plant cucumbers thank... Not see any comments on drip irrigation was 48” x 44”, slightly larger than the most in my are. Line can ’ t know of any suggested spacing between slats that narrow are in good contact with part... To hang them on the pallet into the veggies would also be planting on both ends of the?! Would there be a great thing to add colour to your wall garden each row a... That all the plants are annuals ( veggies at least ) and hardwood ( non-coniferous ) packaging i don t.

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