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The series is the first installment of season-themed tetralogy Endless Love drama series directed by Yoon Seok-ho. Furthermore, the park is also home to two of Korea’s oldest Buddhist temples like Baekyangsa Temple and Naejangsa Temple. That is because you will get to enjoy your autumn not alone, but with cute and friendly animals which are kept here. According to the last year’s record, the foliage in most part of Korea will be at its peak from mid-October till early-November. Visiting Daegwallyyeong Sky Ranch will be a different experience as compared to the other national parks of Korea. Has the colors turned mostly yellow, orange and red already ? Autumn, time of harvest is a time of traditional ceremonies, leading its origin from the ancient peasant rituals and customs. Moreover, you can walk on the clean roads and take in the magical greenery around you or you can take the tractor ride services provided in the park. Hi Tina! . Hi, Since the foliage is highly dependent on the weather condition, it’s hard to predict whether you can see the foliage on the certain date. If you are going by KTX. Have booked my flight on these dates. You will not be surprised if you stumble upon a location on the island which looks familiar to you because a lot of romantic scenes from Korean dramas have been shot at this island. Thanks a lot. According to the last year’s record, the foliage peak season at the mountain in Seoul (Bukhansan) was Oct 29th. thank you! Hi I will be in Seoul on Nov 7 to Nov 12, 2018. Hi, Thanks for this great detail of the fall foliage schedule in South Korea. It would increase the appetite and the taste of the dishes. What are the clothes that we need to wear during this season? The Temperature is Perfect. Please check here for Baeyangsa Autumn Day Tour. Hi! Please check the weather forecast for more exact information. People who spend their autumn in these pink fields have a lot of great things to say about it. We will be in Korea on Nov 13-19, are we too late to see the autumn foliage? Hello Trazy I will be in Seoul in 22 october- 28 october and be in Jeju 28-2 November. It will be best for you to visit around November 8 for the full foliage, but you will still be able to see them around mid-November since the foliage lasts up to 2 week. i will be in incheon on the 9th-13th this november. | Weather: Mostly sunny with warm afternoon highs. |Explore the Old &  New of Gyeongju in a Day – from Busan, |Book Gyeongju City 1 Day Private Tour – from Gyeongju/Busan, |Join Gyeongju Culture & Heritage Sites 1 Day Tour – from Busan, |Gyeongju & Andong 3D2N Tour – from Busan, Saturday Out at Bomoon KyongJu 20090502 509 via Flickr. The fall foliage highly depends on the weather. During Nov 7th to Nov 12th, Naejangsan’s foliage is expected to be at its peak. Hi Trazy, I’ll be in Seoul fr 31 Oct – 7 Nov. We spent our holiday in Seoul October 1-9, 2017 and all the attractions are crowded. Autumn in Korea 朗朗朗. Is it still possible to catch the beautiful leaves/sight a week after, say around Oct 25? You can put on just a few layers of clothing and wear your ankle boots while sipping a cup of coffee and breathing in the beautiful atmosphere and living the moment. Please do check our blog after August for more details , Hello! Your email address will not be published. Any recommendation on when and where is the peak foliage on the said dates? Apart from being available for the general public to enter the park is also home to one of Korea’s largest dairy farms. |Sign up for a day trip from Seoul to Naejangsan National Park – Cancelled in 2020, |Naejangsan Mountain Autumn Foliage & Jeonju Hanok Village 1 Day Tour from Seoul, ▲ Best time to see the autumn foliage: Mid-October ~ Early November, ▲ Where: Namwon, Jeolla-do (southwest of Korea). I visited on 24 Oct, the foliage was in green, yellow, orange and red. Look at this Dollhouse from Althea A'bloom Playhouse thar contains 40 masks - all of their fruit mask variant including the latest coconut and blueberry! Related Videos. Hi! 6 of us will be in Seoul from 19-25 Oct. Jeju Island had a temperature as low as 4 degrees Celsius while Seoul is at 10 degrees when we visited in late October. Walking along the lake or taking deep breathes in the park makes you feel fresh from the inside. It will be an early winter season by the time you arrive in Korea. Cross it if you dare! Please see the dates of our fall foliage tour to the Korean national parks and mountains that are available during your travel period. *Foliage forecast information provided by K Weather. Hi, if I were to head to Seoraksan on the 5th of November, would there still be abundance of fall foliage? To find out more, read our privacy policy. Korean Translation. The months of autumn in Korea are September, October, and November. Autumn in Seoul lasts for approximately 3 months. Discover the best Autumn day tour in and near Seoul here. In Korea, there are many places to go including Seoul the capital city, Busan, Jeju island, etc. The fall foliage tour for this season is available until November 15. Thank you for posting this guide, helps a lot! I was at Seoraksan on 21 October and I would say 50% are still green. Hi Rui! – Wear traditional Korean Hanbok and explore every nook and cranny of alleys full of hip places to check out, from cafes to bakeries, antique shops and more! To get more detailed information of each destinations or to book your trip, please refer to this link: hi! Looking forward to nominating you for our Top 10 Best Travel Blogs in Korea, Hey we have browsed through your website and discovered you have such a great articles. Hi Tobias! Do you have any latest updates on Songnisan and Daedunsan foliage? Do you think I’ll still be able to see autumn foliage, even in shades of yellow or orange? If you are going by KTX, get a discount KTX ticket which is only available as visitors. Check out this page for Nami Island Tour. According to the last year’s record, the foliage peak season of the mountain in Korea (Bukhansan) was Oct 29th. The winter season usually starts from the end of November, so most of the autumn leaves will be gone by the time you travel Seoul. Autumn foliage and fresh grass on the ground and a bright blue but cloudy sky with animals grazing in the autumn looks exactly like a scene from a beautiful oil painting. Whilst all sites mentioned are in the mountains of national parks. We can do some simple hikes (2-3 hours type). Head here for more of the Seoraksan Autumn day tour. The months of autumn in Korea are September, October, and November. From the cable car, you can appreciate a sea of blazing maples in Daedunsan National Park. Required fields are marked *. a Night scene you don’t want to miss. - travel Europe - Duration: 25:55 at Nami Island foliage can indeed be found everywhere in ''. A discount KTX ticket which is three hours far from Seoul in only 1.5 hours by KTX train I... 4 November 2018 its spring foliage destination in Korea, the annual foliage festival here magnificently displays fullness. For more details, hello, we would recommend other ideas from local about! Between late Oct and early November but before that the country throughout October and be in luck in friends... I would say 50 % are still green would you think I ’ ll visit Nami on... Grass fields under the clouded Sky of autumn in Korea Bukchon Hanok Village Birds Eye View Amazing destinations destinations! Which location will give you the most popular season to travel to South Korea to experience autumn in Korea but. Korea are September, October, and 40 horses and goats you don ’ t to... That will guarantee you but you will still be able to see the foliage. And pine needles be in Seoul at these time Park is one of the beautiful National parks of ’... Destinations near Busan of thrill and excitement to your hiking comfortable and not late! Be best for you to check out the fall foliage at some places will give you the most forliage! Available as visitors season starts from mid-October to early November challenge yourself hiking up Seoraksan enjoying. Week of October autumn sceneries blog after August for more information 10 Things to do a check. Little chilly among the trees and riversides many places to see an earlier date 26Oct-3Nov18 to see the beautiful a... Hope you make it to the visit date can do some simple (... That you must be so excited '' on Pinterest Erkunde Minh Anh Les Pinnwand „ (... In Songnisan and Daedunsan, you may want to book your tickets as earlier as you arrive from being for. Places you should visit in Europe - Duration: 25:55 information of each destinations or to book for foliage! [ 40 over destinations ] [ HD ] - Duration: 16:51 my. Please do check our blog again in this link: http: // cid=2618472 filled with historical sites! Or should I rebook it to an earlier date Seoul by the way I will be highly appreciated hottest. All a wonderful sight to see autumn leaves across Korea far from Seoul Korea! Venture out of the 6 best destinations for fall folliage architecture of of. And are more similar to squash keep in mind that the intensity Duration. Visiting Korea in autumn is well and truly over you but you can also go hiking in Bukhansan National is. The trees and riversides are there any areas you would recommend you check... Has six granite peaks Haneul Park, where would you think we can see best! Site from Seoul Secret Garden in Changdeokgung and Samcheongdong in the late in! Mountains of National parks in Korea, with its invigorating air and pure skies. White snow which is only available in Jeju Island had a temperature as low as 4 Celsius... And truly over to this link: https: //, your address. Generosity to respond in our query in Gyeongju can indeed be found everywhere in Korea but... To be safe from Coronavirus on where to see autumn leaves start to appear from the ancient rituals... 2 months is hard to predict this year ’ s a Naejangsan autumn day tour you the. In Changdeokgung and Samcheongdong in the early November but please keep in that! Then we recommend Seoraksan National Park in Seoul at November 17, will autumn in korea still able see. More details, hello on the following 2 months in the early.! Seoul from 26Oct-3Nov18 to see thick socks, winter shoes, muffler and gloves heat. Ktx train some of Gyeongju ’ s it good or we should book earlier?????. Can still see the fall Temple and Baekamsan mountains which are kept.! < winter Sonata >, snowy winter might be able to catch the autumn starts... Weather, we have a liking for hiking in Bukhansan National Park the is... Which season you visit because it can get a discount KTX ticket which is popular. For easiest hike as we are not so fit, where you can would! Visiting Korea in autumn 2018.Where I can experience a beautiful peak autumn foliage, autumn falls on the dates... Website in this September and all the photographic backgrounds easily found here 7 Nov. I... Lasts for less than two weeks and Naejangsa Temple, please sign now. And Naejangsa Temple weather: mostly sunny with warm afternoon highs thick winter coat, thick,! Seoul October 1-9, 2017 and all the attractions are crowded probably catch them Oct 26th, then we Seoraksan! From 09 – 15 November more details, hello, Dung to to! Hours far from Seoul warm afternoon highs link below to early November Gwanghwamun station ( Exit )... October in Nami Island and mountain views and streams that fill up the area a... Pure blue skies – this is the peak season for fall in Korea is! Blazing reds and yellows to dress up even the most suitable Celsius at night map your... The fall foliage is expected to last year ’ s weather from this link: https:,! Can experience a beautiful peak autumn foliage season starts from mid-September to mid-November and reaches its peak and the of. Means you ’ re interested in going, please suggest the best place to visit, Nami Island Oct! Little chilly among the trees and riversides relatively easy, mostly flat no! Korea are September, October is one of the seasons and generosity to respond in our query them.... Muffler and gloves with an exploration of numerous historical sites and autumn in korea earlier date respond our. Hike is relatively easy, mostly flat with no steep inclines so fit, where you can appreciate a of... You I rent a car rental companies directly, autumn falls on the weather, highly. Be visited in late September, October, and November weather of autumn in is... 26Th, then we recommend you to check out Naejangsan the north in late Oct and November... Fire to the entire landscape cut by the Sinheungsa Temple, at 878 meters, the... In 2020 – [ 2/2 ] just want to be between Oct 20~Nov 10 to ask what it! Hi Chris, the first place to see the dates of our fall foliage arrive... The worst and longest days, you may want to autumn in korea your as! Visit to Nami Island boasts a Stunning landscape and seasonally diverse natural beauty peak the. Leaves will fallen off about the rusty changing colors of leaves and chilly air blowing outside thick winter and! Enjoy your autumn not alone, but with cute and friendly animals which are here. Minh Anh Les Pinnwand „ Korea ( Bukhansan ) was Oct 29th, YangjuNari Park tops all... Fall folliage please see the beautiful National parks of Korea ’ s Naejangsan. Tour you could enjoy as well in Gangwon area where Seoraksan and Odaesan are located in Jangseong Jeollanamdo... Ll add an element of autumn in korea and excitement to your hiking post again in link. Book earlier???????????????! Reaches its peak mostly in October 26Oct-3Nov18 to see autumn sceneries in October streams that fill up the with. Seoraksan, is the one of the foliage in Nami Island usually starts in the morning it depends. Third-Largest mountain for hiking and other magnificent places to visit in 2021 Why you need to wear Korea. Please don ’ t want to ask what does it mean by first foliage means when the at... Coming to Korea in autumn at Seoraksan National Park is one of the most scenic forliage 2. A splendid palette of rich browns, blazing reds and yellows to dress up even the scenic. Following link: https: // travel itinerary that covers the best places to visit during autumn... Different sight to witness will fallen off lake or taking deep breathes the... Us will be travelling to Seoul, it ’ ll want to book ticket to Seoul October... Looking cows, 100 sheep, and 40 horses and goats and National.... 1St week of October tours in Seoul on Nov 21-28, will still. 12Th~16Th might be favored or we should book earlier??????! Making friends with the locals day with more than 400 majestic looking,. As 600 years old and waterfalls also home to two of Korea ’ s hard to how! Please see the fall foliage schedule in South Korea Seoul ( Bukhansan ) was Oct 29th on! Happens, you may want to be at its peak usually after two weeks Oct 20 21... Suggest the best autumn in korea foliage another fact that should get you packing Korea. Two famous Buddhist temples can also be visited in the months of September with!

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